Daylight Testimonials

Umer - 17th April 2014, 10:08pm

I worried that I woludn't be able to find a new bulb when my lamp burned out but sure enough, Amazon had one. I ordered it and it arrived promptly and I was able to install it with no problem at all. Great price for a great bulb.

Adrian Myer - 11th December 2013, 2:29pm

A quick note to say thank you very much for replacing my faulty desklamp - even though it was out of warranty - and so quickly.

Today, such “customer care” is unusual, and is deserving of the very sincere thanks which comes with this email.

It would be nice to reciprocate in some way but… unless anyone has a valuable stamp which they need authenticating, I fear it will not be possible!
I shall content myself with spreading good words about your company and its products.

Deirdre Evans - 10th December 2013, 2:10pm

Good website - very fast ordering. Well done!

Jo le Cheminant - 27th April 2013, 7:39am

I love my daylights, all three of them! I have a floor model which I can move from next to my sewing Machine to my comfy chair in my Sewing Room, and one table lamp I move around to whichever chair I am using in the house. I also have a second portable one I take to my Patchwork Group and Workshops. I couldn't keep sewing without my Daylight. The best daylight is Daylight!

Eileen Fitzell - 19th January 2013, 10:42pm

I have been using daylight lamps for over 20 years it is the one thing I can't live without, it rally helps when I do my cross stitch, I tell everyone to use them they are so good.i am just looking to getting a portable one for when we trave 40 out of 10!!!!!!

Margaret Bateman - 27th December 2012, 11:17am

I would be lost if I couldn't sit and sew. Having got to the age where glasses are a must the daylight lamp just adds to the experince of joy in finding a moment or to shut out everything else and be creative.

Hayley W - 30th April 2012, 3:28pm

Hello I am only 25 but I really appreciate your fabulous products as I enjoy stitching and even though I'm young and my eyes are fine now, I don't want to give myself eye strain in later life as a result of not using a good qualty lamp like yours. Thank you very much.

Dawn Warboys - 27th April 2012, 6:05pm

I enjoy all kinds of craft, sewing, cardmaking, scrapbooking knitting and especially cross stitch. Only problem is I suffer from a permanent chronic headache with superimposed migraines (official diagnosis) and i'm really struggling because I get a lot of eyestrain when doing any close up work. My fiance has offered to buy me a light for my birthday and after reading lots of reviews i'm going to get a daylight one. I can't wait!! Please put me in draw for some more daylight goodies!

Louise Eden - 9th February 2012, 4:07pm

There are not words enough to praise the "daylight" lamps. My husband gave me the floor standing lamp last year to help the eye strain I was experiencing with my cross-stitch embroidery. It is truly wonderful and I could not now embroider without it. We also gave my mother the same model for Christmas and she, too, is thrilled with it. Thankyou Daylight Company for such a really great product.

Elizabeth Hutchinson - 6th February 2012, 1:54pm

I used to enjoy cross stitch & did that for 20+ years until ar4thritis made it too difficult.Now I make greeting cards & my hubby enjoys the hobby also. Our particular favourite is decoupage which needs very careful cutting & placing for fine detail. (We use some of the images made by Jak Heath, tha lady who designs who posted further up this page)Good light is absolutely essential as our last bulb broke days ago so I'd love to be a lucky winner for one of your products.

diane green - 30th January 2012, 6:49pm

i was stitching away last night got quite a bit done and realy pleased with myself only to find this morning what should have been brown, i had stitched with purple and the black i had stitched with was blue oooo i need a daylight lamp and soon lol xxxxx

Diane Green - 1st November 2011, 2:39pm

I have been cross stitching now for 10 yrs to the extent of stitching photos of my family with breathtaking outcom my eyes are not what they use to be and i struggle now at night time when all i have is bulb light, a friend told me about ur lamps and they look amazing, i will have to save up for one and try it for myself i will be back xxxxx

Miriam Robinson - 24th October 2011, 5:49am

Daylight! where have you been all my life! it's sooo much easier to work/read/craft without the eye strain of old....when concentration with fine work is needed.... how did i do without you.... amazing.... thankyou soo much... my eyes are so much better.... Very good light! recommend, recommend! "10"

Jill Marshall - 1st September 2011, 10:18am

I had to say that it is truely amazing how much easier it is to read under its light. The first time I tried it it was like someone had made my eyes 20 years younger.

Michelle Clark - 21st July 2011, 7:21pm

I've used the ultimate floorstanding daylight lamp for a few years now and I wouldn't be without it. Prior to finding this lamp I tried many different lamps for my needlework and non of them came close to the colour matching and ease of use of this lamp. So much so, I purchased the table version of the lamp too for another room. I've just purcased two more as well, as they are brilliant for my other hobbies which include miniature making, painting and jewellery making. I can 100% recommend these products for all crafters, the clip holder is a must if you need to hold items and the magnifying lense is great, perfect a total must have.

Helen Brammer - 16th July 2011, 11:59am

I've had my daylight lamp for 18 months, and I wouldn't be without it! It's light is perfect for colour matching and taking photographs, unlike the 'yellow' cast you get from energy saving lightbulbs! I have one of the smaller lamps, and it's portable size means I can take it with me when I craft away from home - perfect!

Sue Crawford - 7th July 2011, 11:31am

I have a light for my work,looking at yours,I wonder if I should change.

Heather Lam - 4th July 2011, 9:58pm

I've used a Daylight lamp for years, and I can't imagine stitching or knitting without it. The colours all look right, and the stitches are easy to see.

Maggie Howell - 15th June 2011, 5:26pm

Just loving my new Retro Floor lamp! It could have been made with me in mind. I love the way it is height adjustable as well as the top swivelling in all directions. The quality of the lamp is second to none. I am a night owl & often quilt until quite late & the light this lamp gives is so true it's amazing. I also like the floor switch. Perfect all around!

kath stewart - 1st June 2011, 1:26pm

I love my daylight lamp and you can read my review on my blog...

Jak Heath - 28th May 2011, 12:09am

I work in the industry as a papercraft designer and the daylight lamps are the perfect accessory to crafting, I also use mine to help with Photographing the cards for my blog here is the link to a write up I did about my daylight lamp

Jan Mohammed - 28th February 2011, 3:39am

absolutely wonderfull. i love my lamp and the magnifying glass. You can visit me at my you tube channel using both the items and also read the review at jans sewing solutions.

Sue Bridge - 20th January 2011, 11:44pm

Wow! I've had my daylight lamp for many years now and great service has it given me when knitting, sewing, etc. But the bulb blew last night. I started searching today for a replacement bulb and was getting desperate when inspiration struck and I looked at the lamp itself and found your company name and the original lamp product number. From there on it was easy to track down your web-site and buy the new bulb. If only all manufacturers would put their product details in obscure places where one doesn't feel it necessary to remove the sticker!

Judi Mendelssohn - 1st September 2010, 2:52pm

This lamp throws an excellent light it makes hand sewing much easier to see and I also like being able to move it from where I am hand sewing to working on sewing machine.

The lamp and fixings are very sturdy and robust and it does live up to all the benefits listed on the packaging such as being able to see details clearly and less strain on the eyes - although I would need to use it for longer to give it a fair evaluation on tiredness!
It is actually much bigger than I was expecting and does make my tiny house look a bit like a film studio! Given more space or even a workshop it would be just ideal. And joy of joys it’s brilliant for proof reading magazine pages!!
It was VERY easy to put together and although I haven't taken it out to groups, workshops or exhibitions I'm sure it would be very adaptable and easy to do so.
What I like most is that it’s a big light and good light.

I don’t tend to work on large quilts now but this large expanse of light could be very useful if you did - illuminating large areas of the quilt as you work. The biggest quilt I every made was my first – pre-rotary cutting. Mega king size for bed. I learnt the hard way so hence my advice to beginners to that it’s not a good idea to start with anything so big. Also the lamp could be used to excellent effect lighting quilts in an exhibition situation especially as you can vary the height of the lamp although it would need to be strategically placed to ensure the tripod feet were clear of people viewing the exhibits.

Marks out of 10 ....... ‘9’

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